Monday, September 24, 2012

In To The Lair Of The THING!

So todays post is video footage of the THING taking some of the guys through a simple circuit geared towards strength and fight conditioning,
some of you regular viewers of this blog will recognize Neo from the Sunday madness workouts we
also have Mustafa and I am happy to say Neo's dad! who has decided he is going to show these young
whipper snappers how its done!

On with the show,

Nice simple hand walkouts as a warm up

Incidently Yes that is the macarena playing in the background 
just another facet of the THINGS evil nature is his choice in workout music! There is something truly sadistic and unnerving about being expected to perform 3 rounds of sparring at the end of a workout with a large muscular heavily tattooed man to the sound of Boy george's Karma chameleon!
To this day on particularly bad nights I find myself wrenched from my sleep sitting bolt up right in bed drenched in sweat heart racing  screaming "RED GOLD AND GREEEEEEN" 
Some scars never heal!

Next a light circuit

Still on the light stuff

Still warming up!

The Fun Begins

And we are off! Vests and all

Some shadow Boxing To Get Those Arms And Shoulders Working

And of course it just wouldn't be a THING workout without someone being punched in the face! so some light sparring to keep that heart rate up, Neo is nursing an injured jaw from being knocked down by the THING the previous day so you have to admire his tenacity

Mustafa Gloves Up

Big Daddy Says "Let Me At Him"

The last time I saw foot work like this was in a Fred Astair movie!

More torture as we move on to grappling, This as a finisher will really sap whatever energy you have left in the tank! anyone who has never tried grappling cannot appreciate just how draining it is, plus nothing says "I love you mate" quite like a knee to the ribs! only true friends dare to show this type of affection in public.

Mustafa shows he is formidable in the arena

So there we have it a nice weight plate and bodyweight circuit geared towards conditioning this is typical of the THINGS approach to training these days with lots of burpee style drills plyometrics and weighted carry's 

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