Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Pimp That Push Up

The push up,
a solid staple in bodyweight training and always a test of strength and endurance when joining the Military forces, or fire fighting services.
so why do so many people look on it as inferior? always preferring to bench press!
the versatility of it alone makes it stand out, you can perform it anywhere, there are many ways to modify it and progress it and keep it fresh interesting and downright challenging.

Here are some ways to keep this foundation movement at the top of your go to list, try some of these progressions and rediscover one of the greatest most versatile exercise's of all time.

Feet elevated 

Hand to hand med ball

Tiger Press

Step out's



 Feet Elevated Pike (Shoulder Emphasis)

These are just a few of the variations I use myself and have used with clients over the years with great results, concentrate on your technique and play around with tempo,rep ranges, pyramids, sets, and I'm positive you too will fall back in love with this classic and versatile drill.

put it all together

Feet Elevated 10KG Vest Close Grip Med Ball

And of course there is always the holy grail of push up's the handstand push up! which I am still working towards.

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