Tuesday, September 18, 2012

What Are You Training For?

What are you training for?

I have read lots of articles on this subject, there are fitness professionals who seem to think that if you are not training for a specific goal then your training is pointless! 
But what if you are training for life?

What if the point of your training is just to feel fitter stronger happier or just good about yourself!

I know plenty of people who once competed in sports but no longer do, who now train just because it's part of who they are, likewise people who have never competed in anything
Like myself I can remember only twice in my entire life ever playing a full 90 minutes of football, people who are training so they will be around to see their kids grow up.

I did not get in to working out until my early twenties, and that was mainly focused on the bodybuilding body part split style training and the main goal was to just get bigger, I was never sporty in fact as my dear old mum used to say "you were born tired" my training interests had nothing to do with performance or strength or agility or flexibility, just plain old improved self esteem! So I could look healthier feel healthier & stronger feel more confident and relaxed in social situations, and not be the runt of the litter.

Is this not a worthy goal worth training for? A lot of the clients I train are in the 40 to 50 year old category myself included, they don't give a shit about six pack abs or getting shredded! Or benching 300lbs or deadlifting 600+

Most people just want to enjoy their lives stay strong fit healthy and active! and eat a pork knuckle once in a while when they feel like it have a few beers or wines at the weekend.
If this makes you a happy more confident person then more power to you, try and keep a balance enjoy the things in life that give you pleasure just do some work to balance it out,
If you have specific goals that's great, if you don't that's also great, work your movement patterns push, pull, squat, lunge, throw, rotate, hip hinge, carry, all these movements will come in to play at some point throughout your daily life mix up your modalities try sandbags, kettle bells, clubs, slosh pipes, body weight, calisthenics, Olympic lifts, suspension training, do anything that feels good and makes you work.
Take a GPP approach general physical preparedness.

And the next time someone asks "what are you training for" ? Tell them "LIFE"

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